Sarach Yooyen Won Some Football Competitions

It does not matter you will call Sarach Yooyen or Tang. He plays for both Thailand national team and Muangtai United, a Thai Premier League club. His debut was started in 2013, when he played for Thailand against Kuwait. Yes, that is right! He played for his country in the 2015 AFC Asian Cup qualification. Even though he is known as a young footballer and began his debut in 2013, he has some international goals. Under-16, he won the competition with Chinese Taipei as an opponent. Unfortunately, he lost when his team played to against South Korea in October 28, 2007.

Surely, he has the other achievement in playing football. In 2009, he leaded the competitions by winning three competitions in the different time. When playing with under 23-team, he added his achievement by winning the competition too. In this competition, it was well known that Malaysia became an opponent. He won the competition with score 1-0.

A Young Football Player In Thailand

Are you interested in collecting information about your idol, Chanathip Songkrasin? He is a quick player. That is why he can handle 1-3 opponents while in possession. He has powerful shots which are usually accurate. For scoring goal, he gained the fame at the final of 2014 AFF Suzuki Cup. This leaded Thailand won the AFF Suzuki Cup. As a fan, I am sure that you know who and how your idol is. Have you ever tried to create articles about your idol and share it to public?

He was born on October 1993. He joins with the under-23 club in Thailand. His first debut was in the 2013 King's CUP when Winfried Schafer called him to compete in. Then, he was the youngest player. In February 2013, he scored his first goal in the senior team in the 2015 AFC Asian Cup qualification. He added his goal in a friendly match against China.

A Footballer With Highest Score Number Of Goals In 2015 SEA Games

Like Chanathip Songkrasin, Chananan Pombuppha was born in 1992. He is simply known as Two. If people talk about Two the footballer, what is on your mind? If you do not know this news, there is no reason to not read this article. To get ticket for a SEA Games final, Indonesia competed with Thailand. There was an interest fact about this competition. Two footballers with the highest number of goals during the 2015 SEA Games met in the competition face-to-face. Thailand won the competition against Vietnam 3-1. On the other hand, Indonesia won the competition with 1-0 against Singapore.

Unlike Evan Dimas who scored goal within 4 competitions, Chananan scored 4 goals in one competition. Chananan showed his skill in scoring the goal. Yes, his appearance was the threat for Evan Dimas and Indonesia. Of course, many are interested to know how this rising start began his career in the club. Pombuppha began his professional career with Muangthong United. After that, he joined Police United on in 2010. For an international career, he made his debut for the Thailand national team in 2010 against South Africa. Even though it was his first time playing for internatio club, he was able to show his ability in playing football. When including in Thailand U23's squad, he scored one goal in a tournament in the 2014 Asian Games.

Football gives the same chance to everybody who wants to grow well with their passion. Even though you are still young, you can create the similar achievement to Pombuppha regarding your location. Make sure if you joined the football club in your country. Let you are known as the potential footballer. Scoring goals will become a part of your life since you determine to be a professional player. In fact, there are so many people who are motivated from Chananan Pombuppha and what he achieves during becoming a professional football player.

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